Solar Panels and Your Roof

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Solar Panel Installation on roof
Solar panels are becoming more and more common every day and a typical concern people have is how it will effect the roof. Questions like… Can my particular type of roof support the weight of solar panels? Should I replace my roof before I have a solar system installed? Is there any potential damage that could happen to the roof from the panels like leak problems from the mounts etc.

The good news is that as long as whoever installs your solar panels is good at what they do and follow best practices, chances are you shouldn’t have any problem. Most roofs can support a solar panel system just fine and the specific type of roof you have will determine the way the solar panel will be mounted.

If your roof does need repair or if you are close to needing a new roof in the near future it would be a good idea to take action and get the new roof installed or the old roof repaired before beginning the installation of solar panels.

Just like it’s important to call a good roofer when needing a roof fixed or a new one installed, likewise it’s really important to get a solar panel installer that knows what they are doing.  You’ll want to be sure and ask them if they have experience installing panels on your type of roof.

In summary, chances are that your roof can support a Solar Panel system just fine.  That being said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the solar panel installer do an evaluation and report to you what they find.  A good roofer can help with this as well.  If there are repairs that need to be done it’s a great idea to get them taken care of before the panels are installed.