How To Find Good
Roof Repair In Salt Lake City

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The problem with finding good roof repair in Salt Lake City is that a lot of times you won’t realize you chose a poor roofing company until it’s too late.   There’s a whole lot more to roofing than simply nailing down some shingles and a good roofer can make all the difference.  This is why we thought we would write this article to give you some tips on finding a good roofer.

Unfortunately not all roofers have your best interest in mind.  Just follow the money.  A roofer can make a lot more dough by recommending a whole new roof as opposed to doing a simple repair.  Like any other professional service the roofer has an advantage over the homeowner because they can say what they want and you are left having to trust them.  That leaves a lot of room for roofing companies to be dishonest in pursuit of a higher paying job.

We come across people all the time who were given outrageous bids on roofing jobs that are in shock after finding out what we can actually do for them and the savings we can provide. The truth is that there are times when a new roof is the best choice, but in so many cases a good repair is sufficient, even if someone else might have told you it’s beyond repair.

We’d like to give you 3 tips to find good Roof Repair in Salt Lake City

Tip-1Are they licensed & Insured?

Like anything else you should first make sure the roofing company is licensed and insured.  Heaven forbid an accident does happen, you’ll be really thankful you took the time up front to ensure they have the proper insurance in place.  Any roofing company in Salt Lake City will be able to show you a license and certificate of insurance if you ask.  You can even go as far as requesting proof be sent from the insurance company themselves if you don’t trust that the roofer is being honest with you.


Tip-2Do they guarantee their services?

What kind of warranties do they have?  If the roof repair company isn’t willing to offer at least a twelve month warranty that should throw up a red flag.  Offering a guarantee and standing behind that guarantee is of course two different things so you’ll want to make sure you are working with a roofer who will.  The only way to really know is by getting information from previous customers either by asking for references or looking up online reviews.  This  brings us to the next tip.


Tip-3Social Proof!

The best way to know you are hiring a good Salt Lake City Roof Repair Company is find out what others say about them.   Any reputable roofer that’s been in business long enough for you to trust them, will have a lot of satisfied and happy customers and should have enough online reviews for you to get a good idea what kind of roofer they really are. What about references?  It’s not too much to ask for a list of some of their recent and not so recent past customers and even photos of the jobs if available.  Even if you don’t end up calling any of those references (although it’s not a bad idea to do so), the fact that they are willing to share that information says a lot.


The real tip we would like to give you is to simply call Solution Roofing. We are licensed and insured, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction, a fair and honest (and competitive) price, and we have loads of happy customers that would be happy to recommend us and even do recommend us online.

We serve Salt Lake City and the entire Salt Lake Valley. To find out more get in touch by visiting our contact us page.