Find Salt Lake City Roofing Companies that Use Sustainable Materials

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Salt Lake Roofing Companies

Find Salt Lake City Roofing Companies that Use Sustainable Materials

Complying with LEED standards doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and it’s up to reputable Salt Lake roofing companies like Solution Roofing to promote the advantages of sustainable, durable materials when it comes to repairs and installations.

A news article from the Construction Magazine Network reveals how steel producers are helping builders achieve their goals in becoming more eco-friendly and in following green guidelines set in various communities:

Steel Dynamics was probably the first one that has commercialized [recycling steel] to the extent that we do for construction products.

Steel is looked upon very favorably because of its high recycling properties. A building can start its life as a recycled product and recycle again when it’s at the end of its life. Steel Dynamics calls it “The Full Circle.”

Most consumers give little thought to how the metal on their new building was made or how many times it can be recycled. For the builder, however, such details are becoming increasingly important. The push is on by local, state and federal governments to do what’s necessary to soften the footprint of energy-consuming buildings before, during and after construction.

Roofs, as one of the biggest surfaces in homes, are known to significantly affect heating and cooling costs. Therefore, the use of energy-efficient materials like steel is most crucial to reduce utility expenses.

Moreover, steel roofs are 100% recyclable, that even after their service life, can still be used as another product’s component. This is good news, as products are continuously renewed, lessening the need to extract more natural resources.

Though not all homeowners are concerned with utilizing green roofing products, local governments are now advocating green practices, spreading awareness of their long-term benefits. While homeowners concentrate on their roofs’ service life and maintenance, professional roofers from Salt Lake City can also assist them in finding the most sustainable roofing options.

(Source: Going green with steel, Construction Magazine Network, 16 February 2014)